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Dedicated Maternal Care for Military Moms

Our Mission: To Support & Provide Veteran families with funding for Maternal and Women's Healthcare & Benefits; Host Family Activities for disabled & non-disabled Women Veterans & Active Duty Women of the United States Armed Forces and their Dependents through Charitable Events, Fundraising, Religious and Scientific Education with providers from both Naturopathic and Traditional Medicine.

Who We Are: Veteran 501c3 Nonprofit Crew, Volunteering to Raise Funds and Awareness for Fellow Veteran families who need assistance to afford Women's and Family Planning Healthcare.

Our Impact: Preventing and Reducing Maternal & Infant Mortality and Maternal Suicide for Arizona families. Did you know Arizona has one of the highest Maternal Mortality rates in the Nation as of 2022?

Please visit our GoFundMe page to Help Spread Awareness or Donate ~ https://www.gofundme.com/f/decrease-maternal-infant-mortality-rate

Want to know more about our Services or to Contribute to Maternal Healthcare? Connect below..

Contact@GlobalMaternalWellness.org Call 480.572.1224 or click this link

Please visit Quiet Waters Maternity Spa & Wellness Center, PLLC (Veteran Owned and Operated)

where All Care is Provided for both Military and Civilian Women

Upcoming Events

Maternal Health Networking & Discussion - Saturday January 28th, 2023 - Noon-4pm

Mom's Week Specials and Seminars - May 8th-11th, 2023 - 10am-8pm

Mother's Day Charity Gala & Fashion Show - Friday, May 12th 2023 6pm-9pm (Doors Open 1730)


Maternal & Women's Healthcare

Maternal and Women's Healthcare and Resources are provided at Quiet Waters Maternity Spa & Wellness Center. Our sister division is also contracted with the VA through TriWest's Community Care Network (CCN) Educational Classes and Spiritual Wellness.

Mental Health

Mental Health services are offered for all members of the family. We can help connect you to a provider who fits your needs whether at the Wellness Center or with another Trusted Community provider.

Educational Classes & Resources

Your Choice: Classes for Mom, Dad and Teens. Those not parents yet or who just need refreshing discussions on Lactation, Swaddling or How to Get Sleep. We have lots of information to share.

Vet Connect : Spiritual Wellness - Chandler

**All Meetings and Ceremonies are Nondenominational. Any specific Traditions or Religious practices needed can be discussed on case by case basis.**

Chandler Location

Join Fellow Military Members, their Families and Dependents to meet and address Life before, during and after Active Duty. Connect to share (or not) experiences, family friendly upcoming events, service projects, community resources and clubs, youth programs and volunteer opportunities. Discussions include: Spiritual Resiliency, War Era effects, Understanding Military Culture, Relationships, Life Goals and Values, Suicide Prevention, Integration into civilian life, Mental Health and Jobs/Careers and Hobbies. Starts in September on the 3rd Friday at 1830 every month.

Hosted by US Navy Veteran, AS2 (AW) Kiamesha Guy, Co-Founder of QW-Global Maternal Wellness, 501c3 Veteran Nonprofit Organization and Lt. Col. Kathy Gallowitz Founder of Vanguard Veteran and Author of "Beyond Thank You for Your Service" and Fellow Veteran Community members.